Hi! I'm Sophie Stich, and i'm an entrepreneur and operator.

I HELP scale hospitality businesses to run more efficiently, creating a great experience NOT ONLY FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS, BUT YOUR employees.  


Evaluate Holistically.

I'll assess your facilities, materials, team, and processes to find inefficiencies. The end goal is a great customer experience—starting with a team empowered to run your business as their own. 

Create the Biggest Impact.

The customer experience starts from within. When employees are empowered with the tools they need, internal engagement transforms into customer sales.

Identify Opportunities. 

I partner with business owners to streamline daily operations and enhance their brand. Together, we implement strategic solutions in the following areas: employee training, customer experience design, brand messaging, and aesthetics and presentation. 


"I've worked with many business owners and entrepreneurs, and Sophie stands out as one of the most extraordinary leaders that I have encountered. Her true talent is her ability to execute. She possess remarkable creativity and business assessments. But more importantly, she is able to bring ideas to life through perseverance and focus combined with the flexibility to change course when necessary."

-Jackson Investments