Live Your Truth

Live Your Truth


Live Your Truth

It was a journey to get here. Now, I feel confident enough to share knowledge or (god forbid) start my own business. I am confident enough to “live my truth.” 

A very wise woman told me this quote just before I quit a job. On paper, this job was perfect. I should have been happy. It was a trendy and mission driven company, plus I had an amazing boss. How many people can say that? I still felt like something wasn’t right. It was a weird moment since I had previously always felt grateful to even have a job. I realized that I wasn’t doing work that I loved. I had never paused to think about what kind of work makes me happy…

To this day, her words ring in my ear – “If you don’t try to find happiness now, then what’s the point? Live your truth.” 


This is a total cliché, I’ll admit. I’m not always into these live in the moment and inspirational quotes, but this one is now a part of me. I live by it. 

Looking back, I feel grateful that I found my passion: running a business. I still feel weird to say that out loud and call myself an entrepreneur… But I do love running a business. Solving problems is fun, and a business is just a bunch of problems that need to be solved. I love it.

We've all heard this before. Starting a business is scary, and I live with that fear every day. My biggest fear of all... What happens if my business fails? That's also the fun part, oddly. I get to challenge myself every day pushing the limits to see if I can actually do this. We never know how things work out anyways, so why not give it a try?!

Now I’m here, facing my fears and living my truth. I started Stich Your Solutions earlier this year as a way to help hospitality businesses run more efficiently and provide better customer service. I had NO idea where it is going to take me. I had no idea that Stich Your Solutions would be just one of the businesses I'm starting in 2017... (stay tuned!). I'm scared sh*tless, and have never been happier.

As this is my first post, I’d like to set expectations for you and myself throughout this journey. Anything worth doing is worth doing with others.


I ask that you hold me accountable, and we hold each other accountable for living unapologetically authentic.

I promise to be honest, direct, and transparent. 

I promise to be positive. 

I promise to FIND solutions. 

I promise to never let excuses get in the way. 

I promise to LISTEN. 

I promise to always ask for help.

I promise to be compassionate with others and myself.

I promise to be okay with not being perfect.

i promise to live my truth.

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