Services and Specialities


What does your customer see, hear, and feel?

At Stich Your Solutions, I assess hospitality businesses' facilities, materials, and processes focusing on inefficiencies. We'll get you and your business ready for expansion thinking of scalable solutions. 

Everyone says the customer always comes first. I believe in putting employees before the customer. Building a self-sufficient team is what creates a memorable impression.

Our end goal is an exceptional customer experience — starting with a team empowered to run your business as their own. 

It takes team involvement to move product. We’ll scale your business from the inside out.

Here’s what a partnership might look like...

Assessing 360:

I'll provide a 360-view of your business and ask (and answer) the question: What message do your customers take away from their experience? I'll assess your facilities, customer service, branding, and overall experience with recommendations on how to enhance customer engagement and scale. 


Ready to open a new location or market? I'll develop a customized plan, trainings, and materials to scale your business effectively without sacrificing employee or customer experience. 

Implementing Solutions:

After the assessment, we'll work together to implement solutions to streamline your business. I'll propose new materials, messaging, or processes. Your team will be trained on each solution.

Defining Your Brand and Hospitality: 

What is your ideal customer journey—from awareness to engagement? We'll work together to enhance your brand and create a unique hospitality definition for your business. I'll also develop a hospitality and brand training for your employees to bring your customer experience to the next level.