The best thing about Sophie is that she is a goal-oriented person that gets shit done. She listens to what I need, sets up an action plan and executes. I absolutely love working with her.
— Violane Orban, Owner and Operator of Goûter

Happy Partners


I worked with Sophie during her time at SoulCycle and sweetgreen. Sophie is an expert at branding and scaling operational marketing. I admire her commitment to challenging the status quo and her dedication to the customer experience at every brand she works with. Sophie's work ethic can be best described as creative vision coupled with flawless execution. Sophie is a bad-ass marketing guru.

— Kyra Peckaitis, Community Manager at sweetgreen

Sophie has the rare qualities of being both passionate and level headed.  She has a clear vision for what she wants but knows how to change course if necessary.  Her excitement and passion are infectious and her taste is impeccable.  I look forward to partnering with Sophie on many future projects.

— Pete Nettelbeck, Architectural Designer

I've worked with many business owners and entrepreneurs, and Sophie stands out as one of the most extraordinary leaders that I have encountered. Her true talent is her ability to execute. She possess remarkable creativity and business assessments. But more importantly, she is able to bring ideas to life through perseverance and focus combined with the flexibility to change course when necessary.

— Elizabeth Whitmore, managing partner at jackson investments

Sophie is the brains behind strategic marketing efforts and coveted brand partnerships. Her ability to plan, design, execute and communicate, makes her one of my favorite people to work with! 

— TOri johnston, Former director of experiential marketing at SoulCycle


Sophie possesses a unique combination of intensity and intuitiveness that not only allows her to execute change now, but she sees what's best for the future. She has the expertise in operations to know how things work and how they should work while understanding that the key component is how your operations make people feel.

-Leah Reidy, Director of Partnerships at Girls Night In